Complete Technology Solutions

It’s more than a development methodology or a set of values. It’s the culmination of a culture filled with passionate people that breeds innovation and redefines what others know as ‘software development’. At Productive Edge, we don’t just build software – we create technology solutions that redefine what’s possible.


Our consultants help clients......

·  Transform companies with legacy technologies and migrate them securely and efficiently on to the cloud.

·  Assess the strengths and weaknesses of your entire IT ecosystem.

·  Architect, implement, and manage DevOps across global cloud and dedicated computing platforms spanning thousands of nodes.

·  Evaluate, develop, migrate, and implement whole range of cloud solutions in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and more.

·  Architect and implement Machine Learning, IOT and Big Data solutions with Hortonworks, Cloudera and more for Historical, Predictive and Real-time insights.

·  Design, Build and Deploy BlockChain Solutions.

·  Design comprehensive IT strategies and governance models that align with your business.

·  Evaluate the IT costs, benefits, and risks of a Merger and Acquisition lifecycle.

·  Accurately compare the benefits and trade-offs of software and service offerings to assist in product selection.

· Conduct objective cost/performance analyses of on-site, co-sourced, and outsourced service delivery models of established and emerging companies and technology alliances.

·  Implement lean approaches to managing the overall IT architecture and cloud / data center landscape.

·  Migrate and design cloud hosted PCI compliant payment systems; perform comprehensive security audits.

·  Serve as expert technical witnesses in numerous forms of litigation.

·  Design and implement custom DRaaS (disaster recovery as a service) solutions.

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